Holly Lane: Book Blitz

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coverHollie + Layne= One trip. One week. One chance meeting that they’ll never forget. Two hearts. Two different places, and one event that could change it all.

Hollie goes off on her senior class trip with friends expecting some fun in the sun before starting life after high school. She didn’t expect to meet Layne. Layne is stationed in Hawaii, anticipating his next deployment. He doesn’t expect to meet a girl that will change his life.

This Christmas, take a stroll down Holly Lane where you’ll find Hollie and Layne’s story of memories, friendships, a town full of holiday joy and the power of love.


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JB Morgan Photo[About J.B. Morgan]

J.B. Morgan resides in Oregon where she’s a wife and a stay-at-home-mother of two. When she’s not writing she can be found carting her kids everywhere, volunteering at their school, busy with her church calling, or reading. She loves the NY Yankees, traveling, her family and chocolate.

J.B. likes to write Clean New Adult & Contemporary Romance stories. Her up-coming books are mostly suitable for older teen- YA readers as well as those in the New Adult/Contempt genre. She definitely knows how to write a swoon worthy leading male.

What were the two main reasons J.B. Morgan decided to try her hand at writing?

1. When she was younger, she would make up hero-rescuing stories in her head, revolving around boys she had crushes on at school.

2. She missed reading about nice, normal, good men and books with a story line.

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One thought on “Holly Lane: Book Blitz

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time and the use of your blog for posting about Holly Lane. I truly appreciate it. ❤ JB Morgan 🙂


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