The Reckoning: 99 Cent Sale

The Reckoning by S.L. Scott is

Now Available for Pre-order AND

The Resistance is ON SALE!

ONLY $0.99

**Limited Time**

Releasing April 28th

Jack “Johnny Outlaw” Dalton is Back!

THE RESISTANCE  the reckoning cover

the reckoning teaser

Pre-order HERE ONLY $0.99

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Book Summary

Jack Dalton was charismatic.

Johnny Outlaw was irresistible.

Two sides of the same man, passionate about two things—music and Holliday Hughes. With her intoxicating mix of strength and vulnerability, confidence and sex appeal, he couldn’t get enough of her.

Together, love was a storm of chaos and calm. When fame became a force to be reckoned with, could their love hold them together or would their notoriety tear them apart?

“This isn’t how our melody goes. This isn’t how we were supposed to play out.”

the resistance anniversary sale


Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble


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