The Truth of Rock and Roll: Blog Tour and Giveaway

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 Print Length: 55 pages

Cover Artist: Ruben de Vela




A nameless young man is watching his dreams slip away when a man who let his own dreams die long ago sits down and begins to tell him a story: a story of young love and teenage dreams and rock and roll magic. A story about being young and being brave, and the girl who taught him how to be that way.

As the story unfolds, the young man begins to wonder if there’s something more to this older man and his strange story…if maybe, just maybe, rock and roll magic is real.

A modern-day fable, The Truth of Rock and Roll is a cautionary tale about being young, being brave, and holding onto your dreams.




“Now, to understand this next part,” he said as I finished laughing, “You have to understand that they treated teenagers different back then. Schools had smoking areas, the drinking age was eighteen…you were treated like a grownup sooner. Which wasn’t all fun and games, but it had its advantages.”

“We were staying at the Milford Plaza – and you’d better believe that was part of the “keep out the riff-raff” cover charge – and while there were floor chaperones to keep couples from sleeping together or big parties from getting started (for all the good it did them on either count), we could sign out to go explore the city.”

“Most of our classmates only went as far as the nearest bar, though a few went to one of those Times Square porn theatres that they’d heard so much about – ”

As I always did whenever I heard someone talk about the sleazy Times Square of old, I tried to square it with the sparkly-clean, Disneyfied Times Square I knew. As always, I couldn’t.

” – and there were rumors that Andy Collins actually picked up a hooker.”

Really couldn’t.

“Jenny wanted a real adventure, though: she wanted to start at The Colony – the only source she had for sheet music back home was mail-order, so she wanted to check out the Mother Lode – and go from there to Soho and the Village. If nothing else, she wanted to check out a few of those quirky little hole-in-the-wall record shops that are all but extinct today, but she was really hoping we could find someplace where a band was playing. I was a bit scared to go on the subway – and don’t give me that look, son, you’re too young to remember what it used to be like. In any case, when I asked her if she thought it was safe, she just laughed and said ‘Come on, you big baby. All the big bad scary subway riders will want from you is your wallet. I’m the one who’ll end up guest of honor at a gangbang.’ That got me moving.”

“I’ll bet it did,” I agreed, wide-eyed.

He chuckled. “Jenny always made it easy to be brave…and she never let you be anything less.”

“We saw as much of the city as two out-of-town kids with limited funds could,” he went on. “We went to The Colony and the record stores, we ate soup in a smoky coffee shop and hot dogs at a cart, we found a place where a band was playing and three tiny little storefront art galleries in Soho. But you know what? I think the best of that night was when we were passing through Washington Square Park and found a bunch of people just sitting together, playing their guitars and their drums and their flutes…I think there was even a cello. Jenny was the first one to start dancing, then she pulled me in. If this was a movie, everybody else in the park would have joined in. One or two people even did, for a minute, but mostly it was just us.” He chuckled. “One or two did throw money, though.”

I laughed. How could I not?

“I think that was our finest night together, my First Time notwithstanding,” he said as his smile softened and he looked back out into the Ago. “That night was what we were really all about: me showing her a world that she couldn’t reach…and her showing me how to live in it. And all the while, the City was singing to us – light, happy love songs, like Sugar Magnolia and So Happy Together and Octopus’s Garden. The City knew, or at least the music did.”


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About the Author

Matthew Keville wrote his first short stories in first grade, when the books on the shelves didn’t have the stories he wanted. The stories have been his constant friends since then, and they’ve carried him through some hard times. He grew up in a small town where you either leave at eighteen or live there forever. He elected to leave at eighteen. Now he lives in New York City where everyone is only working as a waiter or bus driver or stockbroker until they make it on Broadway. This makes him different and special, because he’s only working as a paralegal until he makes it as a writer.

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