ARC Review: Killer (Summer Fire: Love When It’s Hot 20 author set) By Clarissa Wild


By: Clarissa Wild


Book:  Killer (Prequel to Stalker)

Box Set: Summer Fire: Love When It’s Hot

Author: Clarissa Wild

Release Date: May 26, 2015


Some secrets are meant to stay hidden …

Secrets could kill you. My husband is the prime example.
I’m a trophy wife. Someone’s prized possession, just there to be pretty. My dreams were pushed aside for his. Until one fateful night, one chance encounter, all his dirty secrets were exposed.
And then my supposed husband is killed.
I should be sad, but all I feel is anger. My husband is a lying, cheating bastard. And if that isn’t bad enough, I’m now the prime suspect for his murder.
Only his brother believes I’m innocent, and in his support, I find relief. However, I will find the real killer and bring him to justice … before he tries to end my life too.

WARNING: This book contains strong language, explicit situations, and disturbing content.

My Review

5 Stars

Oh wow what a book. Clarissa Wild you are brilliant. Killer is a fast read prequel. Stalker comes out in June. Phoenix is on hot tattooed bad guy. He is a hit man that loves what he does. If he is seen or questioned by someone he has no problem making the problem go away.

Vanessa is married to a movie director who has many affairs. Her whole life has been a lie. Started in her childhood and continued on to the present. She has learn to lie brilliantly.

Phoenix and Vanessa are dynamite together. Can’t wait to see what happens when Phoenix goes for his revenge.

Received this advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review.


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