ARC Review: Conviction: Devine (Volume 2) By D H Sidebottom

Conviction: Devine (Volume 2)

By: D H Sidebottom


Book: Conviction

Series: Devine (Volume 2)

Author: D H Sidebottom

Release Date:  May 26, 2015


Devine, Conviction is book 2 in Jake and Isla’s story. You must read book 1, Devine. Surrender, before reading this volume. Thank you.

Our choices can change. Our lives can change. Our views can change. But can our hearts ever change what they feel?

No matter how hard we try to choose the right way forward, our destinies are planned out from very early on, our lives mapped out the way fate deems fit for us. Our beliefs will always be varied but we all remain headstrong and wilful in our selfish views… that is until what you thought was fact proves to be fiction and what was unquestionable now blurs the lines of reason.

Or hope becomes misery and love becomes hate.

In the conclusion to Jake and Isla’s story, the road to hell seems to be the easiest route available when truths turn into lies and loyalty turns to betrayal. But is their love stronger than the hatred inside them? Are their souls tough enough to survive the explosion and is their passion strong enough to endure the agony?
It’s time for Jake and Isla to fight together, for one another and then finally… against each other.

This book contains violence, scenes of descriptive sex and strong language. It also contains mild substance abuse.

My Review

5 Stars

Another hit by D.H Sidebottom. Jake Devine just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully he can lay it all out there for Isla and be in it 100%. There are lots of twists and turns. Some amazing hot and steamy sex.

Isla finally finds out what happens to her family and comes out stronger than ever. I love how she is a lot like Ava Fox. She is a strong and dynamic woman. This is the conclusion to Jake and Isla’s story and it goes out with a bang.

Can’t wait for Kris’s story. DH just gets better and better every time a new book comes out.

Received an advance readers copy in exchange for a honest review.


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