ARC REVIEW: Capitol Submission Complete Series by Skylar Cross

Capitol Submission

By: Skylar Cross


Book: Capitol Submission

Series: Capitol Submission Series

Author: Skylar Cross


Hotshot D.C. Attorney Terissa Ivers has two huge problems. First, her new client has uncovered information that may implicate the hot single 37-year old war hero President Harrison Pierce in the tragic assassination of the previous President and First Lady. Second, Terissa can’t stop herself from giving in to submissive encounters with a mysterious dirty-talking dominant man whose face she has never seen…a man with a dark secret and a very high position in the U.S. Government.

When her client ends up dead, Terissa finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy that stretches to the highest levels of Washington. Trusts are broken, shots are fired, and identities are revealed as her life spirals out of control.

Terissa finds herself in a race against time to figure out the high-ranking official who works for the shadow group Solvane, locate a nuclear weapon stashed in an American city, and free twenty-one captured American soldiers before they are killed…all while convincing the American media that the dominant man who takes her to new heights of passionate rapture is innocent. A 4-book series. Mature content. 18+ only.

My Review

For all four books 5 stars

Book 1

This is one wild ride from Skylar Cross and its only book 1 of the series. There is mystery, a cover up, political involvement, and a hot sexy lawyer who is venturing into the sub world with a masked man. The masked man happens to be a very high powered person in the government.

Harrison is the hot and sexy single President of the United States. He loves dominating woman and burying himself in them. But being President of the United States he doesn’t get that luxury anymore. So with the help of his secret service agent he found a way to meet someone and now he can’t get her off his mind.

Terissa is a lawyer in D.C. Her top secret client has information that could take down the President of the United States. But she just has a weird feeling about it. Being in charge all day Terissa longs for someone else to take charge. She meets this sexy masked man and she loves it when he orders her around and talks dirty to her.

This book had you waiting to see what happens next. It also has some hot and steamy sex. I can’t wait to see what unfolds in book 2. Way to go Skylar on yet another amazing series start.

Book 2

Hot Hot Hot!! This book picks up right where the first book left off. Terissa has a gut feeling she’s being used. She needs to find someone she trusts to try and figure out what really happen. So she asks for help from a friend at the office who she finds out is more than an attorney. After listening to the flash drive she received from the locker the voice on the recordings sound familiar. After piecing things together she finally admits who the voice belongs too. Then she decides she can’t see him anymore.

Harrison is the President of the United States and he is finding that trying to do the right thing for the country is not the right thing for those around him. He can’t think. He needs to see Terissa so he can think. She decided she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

This book is full of mystery and suspense. You don’t know who to trust because in politics everyone has a hidden agenda. Hopefully Terissa can figure out who really killed the President of the United States and save her masked man from all that is about to go down before someone kills her. Can’t wait till book 3 comes out. Great job Skylar.

Book 3

The series just keeps getting better and better with each book. The mystery of who is involved and how to save the President leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

Terissa goes with her gut. She has a knack of knowing when someone is telling the truth. Which is a great instinct to have in an area known for all the lies and deceit. She knows that she can help save the President from being arrested and sent to prison.

Harrison can’t believe how lucky he got meeting Terissa and he thinks she’s the one. He hired her to be his personal lawyer. He is hoping she can help save his name.  Harrison just can’t get he is so hot and sexy.

Definitely check out this series it will leaving you wanting more and more.

Book 4

Great ending to the series. Terissa really came out in her own. Great job Skyler.

Terissa quit her job with Judith so she could help the President because she felt it was the right thing to do. So when someone close to Harrison gets murdered in order to keep her safe he fires her. But she doesn’t take no for an answers.

Harrison wants to keep Terissa safe so firing her from his case is all that matters. But she has other plans for him. She doesn’t care what she has to do but she will get his name cleared.

Just when you thought Harrison couldn’t get hotter ohhh yeah totally hotter. Super kinky and boy did I love the purple jewel.

Received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.



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