ARC REVIEW: A Life Worth Fighting (Fighting to Survive Trilogy Book 1) By: Brenda Kennedy

A Life Worth Fighting (Fighting to Survive Book 1)

By: Brenda Kennedy


Book:  A Life Worth Fighting

Series: Fighting to Survive Book 1

Author: Brenda Kennedy

Genre: Soft Romance

Release Date: June 19, 2015


Leah and Robert Grether face many battles after losing their only child, three-year-old Jamie. Leah still grieves and battles depression while Robert fights his own inner demons of guilt.

As they try to move on, their attempts to conceive work.

Leah is making progress. Her business is thriving and her pregnancy is progressing. Robert is a pro boxer with a personal and professional goal of taking the championship title away from Abel Kennedy, to whom he has lost once already.

Leah realizes that Robert won’t stop his crusade to fight Kennedy until he gets a second chance to fight him, although Kennedy has already killed one opponent in the ring.

And then Leah and Robert receive devastating news that could tear their world apart, forever.

My Review

5 Stars

Whoa cliffhanger. This was my first book by Brenda Kennedy and wow it was good. The story was told in multiple POV’s. I have to say Leah has the best job in the world. She owns a bakery-coffee-bookstore.

Leah and Bobby Grether have suffered the loss of their daughter a few years ago. While the guilt still eats away at Bobby the depression slowly seeps in on Leah. Will they find their happiness again?

Bobby is a professional boxer. He wants to fight the champion Kennedy, but he has been out of the ring for a few years now and has to earn his way back to the top. After his daughter Jamie died he ran away and tried to manage his guilt and grief the best he could by drugs and an affair. It wasn’t till he hit rock bottom and then went to rehab that he started to fight for his career and Leah to take him back.

Leah owns and operates her bakery-coffee shop-bookstore. After Jamie’s death Leah was in a coma and woke up to find that her daughter had died and her husband was gone. Leah battled with the grief of losing her daughter.

This was a great love story of loss, grief, heartache, happiness, and sadness. You will definitely need some Kleenex. Can’t wait till book 2 comes out.

Received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review.


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