ARC REVIEW: Chasing Gracie by Emily R. Pearson

Chasing Gracie

By: Emily R. Pearson


Book: Chasing Gracie

Author: Emily R. Pearson

Release Date: June 30, 2015


Gracie Hart hasn’t had an easy life. With her parents gone and her young-love-turned-husband murdered, she’s left feeling broken and alone. When tragedy reunites her with the men she called family, she finds herself starting to feel whole once again. That is until her relationship with Chase Baker starts to develop into more than something her shaky world can handle.

His offer of a fresh start is too tempting to turn down. As she discovers this new world of possibilities, the sparks from long ago turn into a raging fire. And as she knows all too well, fires that burn that hot, burn out quickly.

Is she ready to lose herself in someone else after she’s fought so hard to put the pieces back together? Or will she find that sometimes, when you’re broken, recovery isn’t always a matter of when, but rather who..

My Review

5 Stars

This was an amazing book. But then again I expected nothing less from the amazing Emily R. Pearson. The Moving Forward Series was so good and brilliant and this book was right up there with it. The story flowed brilliantly and the characters were amazing. You feel like your right there in the story feeling all the love and heartbreak they are going through.

Gracie Hart has had a tough life from the tragic loss of her parents at a young age to coming home and finding her husband Brett murdered on their couch. She shuts out the world around her including her 2 best friends Chase and Ryan.

When Gracie finally opens up and lets her best friends in she notices how much they are grieving too. So they help each other remember all the good times they shared with Brett.

This story has love and heartache. It is beautifully written and you will definitely shed a tear or two. You will not be disappointed with this book you definitely need to pick it up and read it.

Received this book in exchange for an honest review.



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