ARC REVIEW: Our Moon by: Jennifer L. Allen

Our Moon

By: Jennifer L. Moon

our moon cover

Book: Our Moon

Author: Jennifer L. Moon

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 2, 2015


Ally Monroe can’t remember her name, let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year-long coma. She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesia.

Released from her long-term care facility to live with her twin brother, Alex, and older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can while attempting to live her life again. Enter Chase Baker, guitarist for her brothers’ rock band, JACT. There is something about him that Ally just can’t resist, but the mysteries of her past are looming in the back of her mind, threatening to destroy anything she tries to build with him.

Do Ally and Chase have a chance? Or is there a secret in Ally’s past that may get in the way?

My Review

5 Stars

What an amazing romantic love story. The story is about two souls trying to find each other. They finally locate each other and then get lost and have to find each other again. You will laugh, cry, smile, and just love this book as you read it. The story is told in 2 parts first Ally’s and then Chase’s.

Ally and her parents were driving to Ally’s friend Lucy’s house the night of her high school graduation. A drunk driver runs them off the road and her parents were killed. Ally hit her head really hard and ended up in a coma for over a year. When she woke up she had amnesia. Her twin brother Alex and older brother Trevor are there to help her.

Ally’s pov is filled with her finding herself all over again. Trying to remember the memories that are trapped inside of her. But it is also filled with funny banter between her, her brothers, and the band.

Chase’s pov is heartbreaking you will feel it tug at your heart more than once so definitely grab some Kleenex.

The author pulls you in right from the first page and at the end you are left wanting more and more. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read what she has coming up next.

Received this book in exchange for an honest review.



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