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Title: Broken Lullabies (Love Of A Rockstar #2)

Author: Nicole Simone

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 25, 2015



His eyes as black as the the devils tongue

His melodic voice more tempting than a sirenÕs call

Three years ago, Camille Barker was held at knife point but her attacker wasn’t the one who haunted her dreams. No, it was the man that stood a-washed in the yellow glow of the street light, his stare observant but heedless. A witness to the senseless act. The venom that dripped from his twisted lips saved Camille’s life and set her soul ablaze. Reemerging from the ashes, she set upon the well worn path her parentÕs always dreamed she would take.

That is until rock n roller, Matthew Lee, shows her that you can only bask in the sun so long before the monsters come out to play.

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Broken Lullabies


I couldn’t be the reason she’d found happiness again when I was the fucking person who’d bestowed the nightmares and misery on her in the first place. I knew this would happen. I knew if I gave into my desires, the trigger would be pulled. It was only a matter of time before the damage of my actions followed. Anguish clawed at my throat as Camille’s beautiful face fell.

Her voice hardly above a whisper, she spoke. “Nevermind. Forget I said anything.”

It would be an honor to hold her sunshine in the palms of my hands, but it was an honor I didn’t deserve. This – whatever this was — had to come to an end, which pained me as much as getting my leg blown off would have. Camille would be fine though. She would move on, find a nice guy, get married, and move to a house with a white picket fence. The whole nine yards. Because she deserved it. I would be a distant blip in her memory. But if we continued down this path, Camille would eventually see the monster that lurked inside me. And that would be worse than missing a leg. That would be equivalent to having my heart blasted to smithereens.


Standing under the streetlight, awash in a yellow glow, his steel eyes glinted. I wanted to scream — I wanted to run — but my legs remained rooted to the spot. Danger floated in the breeze, and it smelled like death. His lips twisted into a cruel smirk as his gaze drifted over my shoulder. Glancing back at the endless stretch of city landscape, my breath hitched. A deep, jagged crack had formed in the cement and was approaching fast. If I didn’t move, it would swallow me whole. Our eyes locked. Mine filled with desperation, his vacant. I licked my dry lips as they opened to beg for mercy. A strangled croak emerged instead. The crack grew closer. His bone-chilling laughter rose into the starlit sky.

Darkness reached up and grabbed me, pulling me feet first into the chasm as I clawed at the dirt-encrusted walls. How could this be the end of my story when it hadn’t even begun? The fight leaked out my body like a popped balloon. The grim reaper danced in my line of sight as a hand gripped my wrist.

It was him.

My savior cloaked in the devil’s clothes pulled me out of the hole and into his waiting arms. The dark void that shadowed his eyes cleared. Flecks of blue were etched into the steel. They were beautiful, like him. A strange surge of warmth that felt a lot like desire flooded my veins.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

He tipped his lips to my ear, his intoxicating scent drifting under my nose. I inhaled deeply — August. He smelled like the peak of storm season.


His voice as tempting as a siren’s call, it took me a moment to register his words.

“Run,” he repeated more forcefully. “Run, you stupid girl.”

His fingers dug into my shoulders and shoved me in the opposite direction. I stumbled but caught myself before my knees met the ground. Tears streaked my dirt-smudged complexion.

“Run, you stupid, worthless girl. RUN!”

About The Author

Nicole Simone

Nicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, penÕs character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Los Angeles, C.A with her fat bulldog named Humphrey.

She loves hearing from her readers and can be reached at

Facebook| Twitter | Goodreads

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