ARC REVIEW: Waiting to Breathe (The Blue Series Book 2) by: Chelle Craze

Waiting to Breathe (The Blue Series Book 2)

Chelle Craze

waiting to breathe cover

Book: Waiting to Breathe

Series: The Blue Series

Author: Chelle Craze

Release Date: June 25, 2015


When the stage lights dim and the spotlight surrounds you, do you perform for the world? Giving it your best effort to deceive every eye upon you into believing everything is fine. On the other hand, would the pressure cripple you, bare and broken, waiting to breathe?

Dartanya Waters finds herself constantly putting on a masquerade for everyone around her. On the outside, everyone sees her as a happy, quirky twenty-one year old. Internally, she buries her thoughts, hiding her fears behind a fake smile and false confidence. Panic flows through her veins, and no one knows the horror threatening her sanity and life on a daily basis.

She is every man’s fantasy, and every woman wants to be her. That is, except her. She would give anything to rewrite her story and live tomorrow carefree, but for her, that isn’t possible.

When the walls of her life finally fall and she has to fight to the surface, Nate Daniels is there to pull her from the wreckage. He’s searching for the one thing he’s never let go of. Love. He is stubborn, bold, and the only constant in her life that gives her hope.
How much time and sorrow will pass before she forgets who she is and she loses herself completely? The ultimatum the two face is to find their happily ever after or drown in the sea of lies Dartanya spreads throughout their relationship.

The path they follow is up to them…or is it?


My Reviews

5 Stars

This series just keeps getting better and better. Chelle Craze really knows how to write an amazing book. This book revolved around Dar and Nate and their history. It is told from both their POV past and present. This book had my emotions all over the place. There were tears, I gasped in shock, I laughed, and there was some hot and sexiness too.

This book told about how Dar met Nate and the undeniable attraction they both felt even being so far apart in age. Nate was Johnny’s (Dar’s step brother) friend. Dar was 16 and Nate was almost 20. Dar went for a week camping with Johnny and his friends. While they were there Dar and Nate’s feelings grew. But then tragedy struck and it all changed for them.

Nate was 19 his whole world changed when his parents died and he had to come home from college where he had a scholarship to play football to take care of his brother Lucas. But when he met Dar he knew his life was forever changed.

After Nate walked away that night he loved Dar from afar and watched her get close to a new guy Hunter. When Dar and Hunter started dating he knew he would have to move on. But he couldn’t.

When Dar found out some horrific news from Hunter and tried to end it with him things go from bad to worse. Now she must try and protect the one person she loves and the friend that can never find out.

I cannot wait till the next book comes out. This story has me excited and happy to see how the new Cass has emerged. You definitely don’t want to miss reading this or the prologue for book 3 Harder to Breathe.

Received a copy of this book in exchange for a review




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