ARC REVIEW: Marked (Shadows in the Dark Book 1) by: Charisse Spiers

Marked (Shadows in the Dark Book 1)

By: Charisse Spiers

marked cover

Book: Marked

Series: Shadows in the Dark

Author: Charisse Spiers

Release Date: August 3, 2015


Warning: This is a darker romance. If you do not like dark plots, this book may not be for you. 18+ due to graphic content. Written as a standalone.

Welcome to my fucking world. My name is Kaston Cox and I’m a criminal’s worst nightmare. Most people run from darkness, but I live in it, require it, and thrive in the night. Some call me a monster, some a lover of evil, and others, the devil himself, but they’re all wrong. I’m just a shadow in the dark. I speak for the innocent when no one else will. Once I have marked you, you better beg for forgiveness, because your time has run out…

Revenge is the ultimate wage for evil. Some just can’t stomach to do it themselves. That’s where I come in. I am the ultimate judge when called upon for justice. I will decide who lives and who dies. Blood may be on my hands, but it’s not the blood of the innocent. Remorse is nowhere to be found. I don’t give a shit if you understand. I can live with the man I look at every day in the mirror. My soul was tainted the day I was conceived. You think you know me? You have no fucking idea. I am who I am because of what they did to her, and to him. They were my family. This was the only form of restitution he believed in. I owed him everything. I took over the empire he built. This is how I repay him. There was only one rule: never allow emotions to form. Numb and heartless are the only two ways to live.

What I never included in the plan…was her.

My name is Lux Larsen. My life is as perfect as it can get. I’m a partier, a seductress when it comes to something that I want, and the ultimate sexual con artist. I use my body to get what I want and I’m not ashamed. Designer tags are what I’m after. I love sex. I’m good at it. Fuck double standards. Guys can do it, well guess what, so can I. I will never be caught back on the other side of the tracks for as long as I live. I left that hellhole years ago. I’ll do anything to stay away. You can call me a whore if you want, but I just look at it as I’ve decided to become a player in a man’s game, and I’m a fucking pro at it. Love is for the weak minded. Weak is something I’ll never be.

I never anticipated the predator that would find me. I’m now his prey…but I’m not sure I can run.

The world likes to think that love is only pure, only for those that do good, but what no one considers is when bad has to be done to formulate a different type of good. Two of the most random people can be a perfect match, being placed together like pieces to a puzzle. Being in the wrong place at the right time can be terrifying and it can also be exactly what is supposed to happen, because sometimes…love is born in the dark.

My Review

5 Stars

Wow just wow. This book was amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this book and so glad there are more coming in the series. This had everything I love in a good book an alpha male, an equally alpha bad mouth female, lots of hot sex, and thirst for making the wrongs in the world right with some good old violence.

Kaston lived with his mom a woman who never wanted to be a parent or wanted to be if she could trap the man who impregnated her. But when he wouldn’t leave his wife for her she used Kaston as a pawn for money. She paid no attention to him didn’t want to be bothered as long as she could shop and spend money. Until that one day when his father showed up at the door when Kaston was 8 and asked him to choose who he wanted to go with. Kaston chose hi

Lux’s childhood was horrific her mom was a who*e and an addict. She did unthinkable things as a parent to get money for drugs. And with that scared Lux to the core. She has walls built up for protection and doesn’t let anyone close. She doesn’t believe in love. She is not a happily ever after girl. All she wants is some hot sex and nice things in return. When her and her best friend Delta go to get tattoos she can’t believe her eyes. She never thought she would see him again until one night in the ally. That started the change in the world she knows. Everything she thought she knew before was about to change. But could she handle it? Was she ready to let someone in?

If you love a book with a good hearted bad boy who loves to dominate all things and who knows exactly what he wants then this is for you. They both have had major issues and struggles in their life. But Kaston is the one who is grounded and helps Lux through the hard times she has faced and about to face. This is definitely a must read!!!

Received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed for Marebare’s Book Shelf.



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