Mistresses: Season 3 Finale “Goodbye Girl”


First Airdate: September 3, 2015
Network: ABC

For those of you who haven’t watched Mistresses, this past summer, you have no idea what you have been missing.

From the very first episode of the series this summer, it was going to be a very interesting show and leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Boy did it ever.

After watching last night’s season 3 finale, “Goodbye Girl”, I wanted more. I wanted to find out what was going to happen in the next episode. But like the producers of the show, we are waiting on whether or not, ABC is going to renew Mistresses for Season 4.

I sure hope so because there is still so much story to tell. I for one, did not miss Savi at all at the beginning of this season. I actually enjoyed the stories around Joss, Karen and April.

I think the best addition to this season was Marc Nickleby and Calista Raines.


Marc Nickleby is played by Rob Mayes


Calista Raines is played by Jennifer Esposito

Calista brought a whole new dynamic to the show where there was a lot of mystery surrounding her. The way she got Joss twisted around her little finger and in turn, is framed for Luca’s murder and spent most of it in jail. In the season finale, Joss is finally free and Calista is the one still in jail. Calista is a very fascinating character and I hope she will stick around. But according to the producer of the show, Rina Mimoun, Calista was only a one year character. So we will see whether or not she does come back.

Now Marc on the other hand, what a great looking guy that got added to the mix, besides Harry of course. Here we have another gorgeous guy to watch and develop through out the season. You see, Marc is Miranda’s younger brother. Miranda drops Scotty off at April’s expecting her to watch him while she goes out and finds a job. Both Marc and Scotty have moved in with April and Lucy. Through out the season, you see Marc very involved in April’s life as she tries to figure out which guy she wants to be with.

Mind you, I liked Daniel but he was all wrong for her. As for Blair, he was just too creepy for my taste. But only Marc and apparently Lucy, sees that but not April. After her breakup with Blair, April comes home and sees Marc in a different way. I just knew from the last couple of episodes, that something wonderful was going to happen to these two. And this season finale, proved it.

After Scotty says his goodbyes to everyone, Marc grabs the bags and takes them to the car. That left Miranda with April. She thanked April for everything. Heading towards the door, Miranda turns around and tells April not to be mad at Marc for slipping up. But April tells Miranda that Marc wouldn’t care what she thinks.

But April was wrong. Miranda tells her that Marc would care because he is in love with her which comes as a complete surprise to April. I can go on and on about Marc and April. So the ending was exactly what I was expecting. I am hoping that should there be a season 4, that they will explore this pairing. I want to see April finally find her prince charming. And that prince charming people, is Marc.

Marc and April Kiss (Clip Courtesy of ABC)


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