Your Heart to keep

Author: Amanda Mackey
This is a standalone novel
Genre: Romance


What would you do if the heart you loved ended up in a stranger?

For bad boy Jax, that’s exactly what happens. His lover, Chloe has died in the car accident they were both involved in. Grieving for his lost love, Jax soon discovers that she was an organ donor and her heart, the very one he vowed to love, always, has been given to a stranger.

Holly Jenkins has a medical condition that requires a new heart. Having been on the organ registry for thirteen months, she finally gets the call she’s been waiting for.

After the surgery she begins to crave things she never has before and has the inherent need to connect with Jax and the family of Chloe.

My Review – 5 Stars

This is my very first book by Amanda Mackey. Have to tell you that I was hooked right away from the prologue. I wanted to find out what caused Chloe to die and how a complete stranger ended up with her heart. I am happy it was clarified from the very first chapter. I feel for Jax. He felt responsible for his girlfriend’s death. He had completely lost it when he found out that she was an organ donor. It was so heart wrenching to be in his shoes and I would have reacted the same way if I was in his position as well.

Knowing who the recipient of his girlfriend’s heart, he didn’t want anything to do with her from the start. But Holly felt that she needed to connect with Chloe’s family and with Jax. So when a friendship formed between Holly and Micah, Jax kept running into her. But no sooner did Jax finally come around and accept that Holly is alive because of Chloe.

I don’t want to give anymore about this book except that you must get it and read it for yourself. This is one book I was not able to put down because I wanted to find out what is going to happen with Jax and Holly. Will he love her as much as he did Chloe? Or was he just going to let her go because she had the heart of his love? Only you will have to read it to find out.

Bravo Amanda. I absolutely loved your book and cannot wait to read more stories from you.




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