Look After You by Elena Matthews

Look After You (Look After You Book 1)

By Elena Matthews


Author – Elena Matthews

Genre – New Adult Romance

Release Date – April 3, 2014


The birth of your firstborn child is supposed to be the best day of your life, a joyous occasion. Well that’s what twenty-eight year old Ava Jacobson thought. That is until her life takes a drastic turn for the worse and her daughter is born three months earlier than planned, weighing only two pounds, two ounces.

A distraught Ava is thrown into the deep end of motherhood and instead of being able to hold her baby like other moms, she has to sit back and watch her daughter fight for her life in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, while her fiancé, Sebastian Gilbert is in the midst of a messy war in Afghanistan. Ava is left to pick up the pieces with the help of her only friend, Caleb Summers.

When her vulnerable state hits an all time low, she finds solace in an unexpected pair of intense green eyes. Eyes that belong to her daughter’s doctor, Ashton Bailey, and she falls, like she has never fallen before. However, for the sake of Sebastian she desperately tries to fight against her newfound feelings for Ashton, but eventually the pull between the two is so strong that it is impossible for her to stay away.

Then when Ava is convinced things can’t possibly get any worse, a cloud of blackness closes in on her as the secret demons of her past come back to haunt her, with news that will irreversibly shake her entire world forever.

As Ava’s roller coaster ride she calls life begins to circle the drain, she quickly learns that even through the darkness of evil, there is always that one person who will look after you and have the ability to pull you away from the brink of no return, when nobody else can.

Warning: Recommended for ages 18+ due to heavy subject matters of rape and suicide. Also includes violence, explicit language and sexual situations. 

My Review


Ava’s life was not conventional to say the least. She had a loving family at one time. Then her dad passed away when she was young and it all changed. She went from having 2 loving parents to having no dad and a mom who would rather go to the Caribbean then spend time with her 3 kids. Ava’s past was heartbreaking. You will definitely need to have Kleenex for this book.

The book starts off with Ava going into preterm labor and delivering her baby girl 13 weeks early, weighing only two pounds. The father of the baby, her boyfriend Sebastian is in Afghanistan in the Army. Her best friend Caleb is on a business trip. She has no one to turn too she is once again alone.

Then enter the sexy green-eyed neonatologist Dr. Aston Bailey. Her baby’s doctor. The energy changes for her and she feels different when he is around. He is the first person that makes her smile. She knows she can’t have him she is in love with a different man. He knows he can’t have her because she is in love with a different man. They try to stay away from each other but is trying enough?

This is definitely a must read. This is my first Elena Matthews book and I loved it. Just make sure you grab your Kleenex and get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions. The characters pull you into the book and you won’t want to leave. I can’t wait to check out the 2nd book of the series.


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– Heather




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