Review Policy

First and foremost, I enjoy all kinds of genres but mostly romance.

I LOVE books and I think there are a lot of incredible authors who deserve to have their voice and characters heard, so if you are an author and/or publisher who would like an honest review for your book, let me know.

Many of my reviews are from copies that I have purchased myself. I understand that not all authors have access to ARCs; therefore, it is my pleasure to purchase the books I review, whether it is a free copy or not, I purchase them and add them to my collection. I will at times, get an ARC while I am participating in book tours because I have asked to review the book. I am a huge fan of paperbacks and hard cover books but I do accept and enjoy eARCs as well. I will accept all mobi format for kindle, epubs and pdfs.

If I do not find a book that is enjoyable or keeps me interested, I will not post a review for that book, No matter how bad it is and if I don’t have anything to say about it, I won’t. I will be honest with my review and will not post anything negative, no matter what.

If an ARC was given to me for review, I promise the author and/or publisher that I will never share it with anyone. It is for my collection and my collection only. I will do my best to get a book reviewed in a certain amount of time, but please note, that not all books will be reviewed right away.

I want to help get the word out to my followers, and hope that I will get more, on what I have been reading. I hope my reviews on these books will encourage you to add it to your collection as well. This is why I started this site to help authors promote their books and share the love of books. Whatever genre, you read, I hope that my reviews will be a great help in deciding the book you want to add to your reading list.

If you have a book that you would like me to review, please fill in the contact form below and I will do my best to get back to you.


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